11th August 2017

future dystopia



The planes speed began to decrease, something wasn’t right. My hands became sweaty and my legs began to shake. The plane rattled and rumbled trying to get back up into the air, but it failed. The strangers onboard began to talk louder, then they started to scream. I clenched the arm rest and then suddenly the plane swerved hard to the right and i was thrown against the window where i could see the snowy landscape become closer, closer and closer. I woke up later that day still in my seat, looking up at the yellow oxygen masks. i went to push myself up when i felt a sharp shooting pain in my left arm, there was a cut about half way up and it was bleeding I don’t know how it happened, All i could remember was the sound of the body of the plane tearing and screeching before we hit the ground. i undid my seatbelt and slowly stood up and shuffled past the man beside me, he must have smacked his head on the seat in front of him, because he had a bad gash on his forehead, and i was sure he was dead. I stumbled down the isle tripping over bags that had fallen out from the storage area above our heads, i finally reached the cockpit where the pilots sit, they also had been killed on impact. I got onto the control panel and crunched through the glass that was scattered everywhere, then i crawled off the nose and into the snow and looked up at the cloudy grey sky. I could hear the wind quietly whistling through the trees and i felt the raindrops on my face. ‘I had to get up and find help quickly’ i told myself, so i rolled over onto my side and thats when i saw him. He trotted out of the cover of the trees and dropped his snout into a bag that had been ripped open in the crash. A thick grey mane formed behind his head, i couldn’t move, i was frozen. I struggled to shuffle back and prop myself up, and once i did he lifted his head and a big burst of steam exploded around his face and then straight away he locked his beady blue eyes on me. The wolf looked mean and hungry. So now i had two choices, i could stand up and stomp through knee deep snow until i could feel his breath on the back of my neck, or i could stand and wait.



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  1. I like this writing but there’s a lot of “i” which should be capital


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