crash wolf The planes speed began to decrease, something wasn’t right. My hands became sweaty and my legs began to shake. The plane rattled and rumbled trying to get back up into the air, but it failed. The strangers onboard began to talk louder, then they started to scream. I clenched the arm rest and […]

beneath the bridge is where the fish lie and the freezing water flows, above the freezing water stands a concrete bridge, on the bridge are soldiers and a german shepard guarding the entrance, between the soldiers is an old white car, inside the car is a person, who is waiting patiently to pass through the […]

we had just finished one of the last rounds and i was pretty stoked,the bois had a quick break and then suddenly the grandmaster sounded the horn and we were back on our feet, and straight back into the forest where sasquatch and his fam awaits for our arrival.

i wish i didn’t do it. I really wish i did not do that.I hopped on that transport boat to North Korea.I can’t believe i listened to stupid stewy and followed him and snuck on board.Beyond the wall, i wonderd what was happening outside, the boat has stopped swaying and everything is quiet.almost as quiet […]

ESSAY Romeo and Juliet is a tragic play written by William shakespeare back in 1594 and Its one of the most popular play’s he has produced. The story is based in the city of Verona and is mainly about love, tragedy and fate. In this essay i will explain certain subjects that has related to […]

tomb  romeo  paris  juliet  balthasar When Romeo arrives to Juliet’s tomb Paris is already there, laying flowers. Paris sees Romeo and thinks he’s there to mess around and ruin the tomb. Paris tries to arrest Romeo. They fight and Romeo ends up killing Paris. He breaks into the tomb and lays down beside Juliet’s body. Then […]

Bedroom-Juliet-FriarLawrence-Capulet-LadyCapulet Early Wednesday morning the Nurse comes to wake Juliet up in the morning, she discovers that Juliet is dead, then the Friar Lawrence shows up and gets to work, he hides the vile that he gave Juliet and tells them to take her to the tomb,