tomb  romeo  paris  juliet  balthasar When Romeo arrives to Juliet’s tomb Paris is already there, laying flowers. Paris sees Romeo and thinks he’s there to mess around and ruin the tomb. Paris tries to arrest Romeo. They fight and Romeo ends up killing Paris. He breaks into the tomb and lays down beside Juliet’s body. Then […]

Bedroom-Juliet-FriarLawrence-Capulet-LadyCapulet Early Wednesday morning the Nurse comes to wake Juliet up in the morning, she discovers that Juliet is dead, then the Friar Lawrence shows up and gets to work, he hides the vile that he gave Juliet and tells them to take her to the tomb,

Juliet’s bedroom – Juliet – Lady Capulet – Capulet – Nurse – Servingman The scene starts with her in her bedroom, Juliet asks the Nurse to let her spend the night by herself. Once Juliet is Alone she grabs the potion given to her by Friar Lawrence, she stops and wonders what might happen when she […]

Friar Lawrence gives Juliet instructions to take a potion he created earlier. The potion she will take is supposed to make her look dead, so the wedding on Thursday will be cancelled, and she will not have to marry Paris.

Juliets Room – Juliet – Nurse – Capulet – Lady Capulet Act 3 Scene 5 begins when Romeo and Juliet are up in her room when Nurse rushes in to warn them both that Juliet’s mother is on her way, Romeo kisses Juliet goodbye before climbing down the balcony. Lady Capulet tells Juliet that the […]

Capulet house – Paris -Capulet- lady capuet Juliet is still depressed about Romeo and Tybalt. Paris is still hanging around hoping to marry Juliett, he wants to do it on Wednesday but Capulet thinks its too early. So they agree to do iy on Thursday.

Town – Romeo – Benvolio – Mercutio – Tybalt – Prince – Capulet – Lady Capulet – Montague – Lady Montague Tybalt arrives with some other Capulets looking for Romeo. Romeo arrives later on, but refuses to fight with Tybalt. Mercutio is angry that Romeo won’t to fight. So Mercutio ends up fighting Tybalt instead. They draw […]